Issues and Decisions | 30 Day Transformation | Ep.2

Issues and Decisions | 30 Day Transformation | Ep.2

Here we are! Diet has started and routine has been decided. This video give you a little look into what I will be doing for the next 30 days. The habits I am trying to form and decisions I am limiting. Also at the end I have a shirtless update. Please don’t be too hard on me.

Over the next 30 days I want to see what I can do... transform my body, get back in shape while being vegan (I've never done this), start re-orgaizing and prioritizing my life by forming habits.

Expect food, training, business and my life. Videos will be uploaded MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY.

I do read all comments so please don't hesitate to drop one. I'm doing this for me.

I've pointed myself in so many directions, all directions I love, but I admit I need a little organization in my life.